Nocat studio Aps. – nocat studio – a luxury beauty brand for dogs – nocat studio refresh+detangle grooming spray LUFT

Nocat studio – nordic beauty for dogs. We are on a mission to celebrate all the loving dogs in the World through community spirit and amazing products but most importantly, always with the utmost respect and love for our four-legged friends. nocat studio refresh+detangle grooming spray – luft is cuddle-guaranteed sustainable luxury. Easy to use after a bath or in between, to freshen up, detangle and to add a fresh scent to the fur. Vegan, PH-Balanced, free of the 26 declarable allergens, free of Parabens – BPA - Triclosan – Methylisothiazolinone (MI) – Phatalates – Color. #nocatstudio #nocatstudiocommunity #thereisbeautyineverydog #tothosewhobarkwesaluteyou #cuddleguaranteed