Login to the registration page is:  dba2018

Registration of products

Products that are going to be enrolled to the Danish Beauty Award 2018 must be registered via the website https://danishbeautyaward.dk/en/submit-product/. All companies must use the following login to access the registration form: dba2018.

One registration form is required per product. If you want a product enrolled in multiple categories, select the desired categories in the list (ctrl + click) and write reasons for all categories in the field below. If more products are registered, click on “Click here to register more products”. A confirmation per product will be sent by e-mail to the address entered. Each product must be send together with the registration number.


Registration must be finished on the website by 5 January 2018. The products should be at the judges on 8 January 2018 at the address given below.

Products for the judges panel and SoMe

The products must be shipped together in one package to the following address:

Busch on Board
Att .: Henrik Busch
Slotsvej 10a
2920 Charlottenlund

13 products must be sent to the 13 judges. And if you want to be part of our action on social medias, an additional product must be forwarded, as Lahme Kommunikation will use this extra product for photos for the social medias = 14 products in one package for Busch on Board.

Should you sign up for the Inner Beauty Award, a special expert panel has been compiled to test and evaluate. Therefore, 7 products must be shipped to the Busch on Board address – plus one extra for use on social media = 8 products in one package for Busch on Board.

If you want to sign up for the Influencers’ Choice Award 2018, you will have send products to the 13 judges plus 1 to SoMe = 14 in the first round to Busch on Board. And if the product is nominated in this category, you will be asked to send to the 6-8 selected influencers. More info follows.

The judges very much hope that the products for testing can be with them already before the New Year. Remember to provide PO/Requisition Number in connection with the registration, if required by your company.

Upon registration, a registration number will be assigned to accompany the product when it is sent to judges panel.

Registration fee

Registration of a product for the Danish Beauty Award 2018 costs DKK 1500, – ex. VAT per product (does not apply to the Classic and the Fiery Soul of the Year). The amount covers registration of 1 product no matter how many categories the product is registered for. However, a registration fee for the Year Series is always charged. It is only necessary to send one product to the judges, regardless of the fact that several categories have been registered.


Evaluation of products will only take place when registration of payment is made. Invoice will be sent out per separate mail. Indicate if there are special circumstances that must be taken into account for example the PO number.

The form

You must complete a form with contact information, product description (brand, product name, launch date / month, possible suggested retail price, short description and category selection). It is very important that the field with reasons  is filled in. The reason why this product is a winner must be short and accurate but descriptive, convincing, scientific, documentary, etc. If a product is listed in several categories, there must be a justification per category that describes why the product may be a winner of that particular category. The reasoning forms the basis for the judges’ views on the product and its relevance as a nominee / winner. It is important that the text indicates the particular and remarkable values of the individual product. Answer the question “Why is the product a winner?” There is one field to use for reasons for all categories selected. Type the category as a headline and then the reasoning.

Upon registration, a registration number will be assigned to accompany the product. Remember to enter the assigned registration number on each product. Please inform in the database if press material, documentation etc. is forwarded with the product.

Upload photo

Product photo (pack shot) minimum 300 dpi JPEG format must be uploaded together with the form at www.danishbeautyaward.dk. Photos must be pack shot – no background. 3 photos can be uploaded. Photo should have a size of 1-2MB. Important: The name of the image file should be the same as the product name.

Contact Danish Beauty Award

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer and chairman of DBA’s board Anne-Dorte Mathiesen – Tel: +45 22 91 24 76 – Mail: adm@danishbeautyaward.dk.