The judges panel in 2022 consists of 13 judges, everyone with competence within beauty. They have to review all the registered beauty products, treatments, places, accessories and hairdressers. Competence areas may include ingredients, skin, hair, makeup, functionality, branding or the professional user. The judges test all the products that are enrolled in the competition. They judge the products individually and meet in plenum where the five nominees in each category are found. They will find the winners, which will be revealed at the big award ceremony 29 April 2022. The judges occasionally use what we call shadow testers, where they put other experts to test the products if they are not in the target group. The judges can tell fun stories about how a dinner party can be transformed into a product test, where all the men's and women's scents are tested by the guests. The judges sign a contract to be impartial and to follow ethical guidelines for the judicial work.

See more about the individual judges in the panel in 2022 below.

Ingredients and trends

Cecilia Demant

Cecilia is an influencer that you may know from both YouTube and Instagram. Cecilia has a degree in chemical engineering from DTU. Loves to combine knowledge of chemistry with knowledge of beauty products. Cecilia has been testing beauty products for many years and she often uploads new product reviews on her social medias so that you can find inspiration, get smarter and at the same time be updated on the latest products in the beauty market.

The skin and its needs

Christina Skovbølling Haak

Christina is a specialist in skin diseases with experience from both hospital management and specialist practice. Christina has clinical and academic niche competencies within laser surgery as well as treatment of common skin cancer. Christinas ph.d. was created in a collaboration between Harvard Medical School in Boston and Bispebjerg Hospital in Copenhagen. Christina's great interest in skin science, the skin's healing and the skin's aging processes form a unique foundation.

Retail, marketing and strategy

Esben Hougaard

Esben Hougaard is Purchasing Director at Magasin du Nord. Esben has more than 20 years of experience in purchasing, sales and strategy. Esben has a deep passion for retail and is always on the lookout for new brands and concepts, with a keen eye on the merchandising.

Retail & trends

Alice Wassard

Alice is purchasing manager in Matas in charge of beauty and Matas own sortiment.
Alice has been in the marketing, sales and purchasing business for more than 20 years. Alice has experience from both the retail and supplier side of L'Oréal and Estée Lauder Companies, where she has been responsible for both selective, semi-selective and professional products.
Alice is obsessed with finding the latest trendsetting products perfect for the consumer wants and which at the same time has great commercial potential.

The professional

Anita Falslund

One of Denmark's leading cosmetologists with years of experience from both Denmark and abroad. Owner of clinic Anita Falslund. Winner of the best treatment at the Danish Beauty Award in 2015. Anita uses her hands, knowledge and intuition as a tool. Anita is very detail oriented and can tailor-make treatments to customer needs.

Consumer insight, shopperism, lifestyle and trends

Anthony Aconis

One of Denmark's top advisers and debaters when it comes to consumer insights, shopperism, lifestyle and trends. Anthony has many years of experience in the international communications world. He has worked in communications, marketing and branding in New York, São Paulo and Copenhagen. Anthony Aconis is the creative director at the strategic design agency Fireball.

Retail and Consumer Trends

Elisabeth Tangen Olesen

Elisabeth is the Sales Manager at Illum. Cosmetics are Elisabeth's passion, and she has many years of experience from retailing beauty products. Luxury is a concept that Elisabeth knows from everyday life in Illum - and she knows exactly what turns on a choosy beauty consumer.

Trends and communication

Julia Lahme

Trend researcher, lifestyle expert and CEO of own communications agency. Julia has a master in ethnology, works for Danish and international companies with trend research and communication within fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Author of 9 books, and lifestyle expert on TV. Julia is also a former editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan.

Skin Care, dietary supplements and Pharmacy Consumers

Lars Holm Jensen

Director of Denmark's largest pharmacy chain - A-Apoteket with more than 220 doors. Lars has a great insight into both consumer needs and behavior.
Educated pharmacist and contributes analytically to the chemical composition, efficacy and validity of products.

Beauty products, market trends and the overall trade

Nina H. Kluge

Editor-in-chef at Fagbladet Kosmetik (the Danish cosmetics trade magazine) and the newsletter BeautyNews. As a publisher of the industry magazine and newsletter, Nina has a wide contact in the Danish cosmetics industry and a broad knowledge of the market's products, treatments, market players and beauty trends.

Makeup and product composition

Nina Larsen

Nina is a trained cosmetologist, makeup artist and hairdresser with 25 years of experience. Works with major TV concepts such as X-Factor, Vild med Dans and Zulu Comedy Galla. Is key artist at fashion week i.a. for Designers Remix. Makeup artist for many celebrities. Now also an author to the the beauty book IKONMAKEUP.


Ronni Lund

Ronni is a co-owner of Nordic Hair Concept and has worked as a hairdresser for over 20 years - and he loves it. Ronni has taught other hairdressers at home and abroad for 15 years, made TV and major fashion shows. Loves to give customers a great experience - every time.

Cosmetic & food legislation, ingredients, labeling

Anne-Dorte Mathiesen

Organizer of the award and chairman of the Danish Beauty Award board. Educated Master of Food Science and journalist. Many years of experience in the cosmetic industry. In-depth knowledge of ingredients and cosmetic legislation.

Photo: Bente-Maj Wøldike m.fl.