Jury 2019

The judges panel in 2019 consists of 13 judges, everyone with competence within beauty. They have to review all the registered beauty products, treatments, places, accessories and hairdressers. Competence areas may include ingredients, skin, hair, makeup, functionality, branding or the professional user. The judges test all the products that are enrolled in the competition. They judge the products individually and meet in plenum where the five nominees in each category are found. They will find the winners, which will be revealed at the big award ceremony 26 April 2019. The judges occasionally use what we call shadow testers, where they put other experts to test the products if they are not in the target group. The judges can tell fun stories about how a dinner party can be transformed into a product test, where all the men's and women's scents are tested by the guests. The judges sign a contract to be impartial and to follow ethical guidelines for the judicial work.

See more about the individual judges in the panel in 2019 below.

Retail, consumer trends and strategy

Didde Juul

Purchaser in Magasin du Nord. Didde has worked in the beauty industry for more than 15 years in procurement, sales and logistics. Didde has a deep passion for beauty and she always chases new exciting brands that are strong in strategy and quality.

Skin Care, Cosmetics and Pharmacy Consumers

Lars Holm Jensen

Director of Denmark's largest pharmacy chain - A-Apoteket with more than 220 doors. Lars has a great insight into both consumer needs and behavior.
Educated pharmacist and contributes analytically to the chemical composition, efficacy and validity of products.

So-Me, fashion and makeup

Elham Kavousi

Elham is a freelance journalist, model, stylist, So-Me influencer and author on the beauty book 'Mørkglødet'. Elham has always loved fashion, but as she was the owner of a solid monobrow and unable to find advice and guidance for her unwanted hair growth, she was in favor of self-help. As a result, she has become a self-taught expert in beauty, which she pleasantly shares in her book and Youtube.

Trends and communication

Julia Lahme

Trend researcher, lifestyle expert and proprietor of a communications agency. Julia has a Master in ethnology, works for Danish and international companies with trend research and communication in fashion, beauty and lifestyle products. Author of five books, and a lifestyle expert on DR1 and TV2. Julia is also a blogger and former editor of the Cosmopolitan magazine.

Professional hair styling and international trends

Gun-Britt Zeller

Gun-Britt has been in the industry for 50 years and has had 40 years anniversary with her own company. Gun Britt is a very popular hairdresser in her own salon but also as a teacher of hairdressers internationally. Gun-Britt has won numerous prizes, and in 2016 Gun-Britt won the award as Årets Ildsjæl at the Danish Beauty Award.

The skin and its needs

Jakob E. Borch

Ph.D. Specialist in dermatology. Jacob has many years of experience in working with skin and skin diseases and knows the skin's need for care and maintenance. Great knowledge about cosmetic products and treatments.

The professional angle

Anita Falslund

One of Denmark's leading cosmetologists with years of experience from both Denmark and abroad. Owner of clinic Anita Falslund. Winner of the best treatment at the Danish Beauty Award in 2015. Anita uses her hands, knowledge and intuition as a tool. Anita is very detail oriented and can tailor-make treatments to customer needs.

Retail and Consumer Trends

Kirsten Schmidt

Kirsten is Category & Marketing Director at Sephora. Kirsten is extremely adept at buying new exciting brands and products into Sephora in Scandinavia.

Makeup and product composition

Mina Ingerslev

Makeup artist with years of experience from major international brands and Danish companies. Today self-employed and expert in putting together effective and well-functioning recipes. Mina has an in-depth knowledge of the ingredients used in makeup and skin care.

Beauty and social media

Maja Yoon Fabech

Maja Yoon is Social Media Manager in Matas and one of the coordinators of Matas' new community for young beauty lovers - Beame Beauty. Maja is creative, loves to experiment with makeup and likes to show off on social media,

Beauty and media

Silke Grane

Silke is behind the beauty blog Beauty by Silke and is a supplier of cosmetic stories for the magazine ALT for Damerne. Silke is a skilled makeup artist and has many years of experience as a writer on various magazines. Silke has also been a beauty expert at Go 'Morgen Danmark. Silke is a very experienced 'tester' and has previously been part of the Danish Beauty Award judge panel.

Beauty products, market trends and the overall trade

Nina H. Kluge

Responsible editor at Fagbladet Kosmetik and the newsletter BeautyNews. As a publisher of the industry magazine, Nina has a great touch in the Danish cosmetics industry and a broad knowledge of the market's products, treatments and beauty trends.

Cosmetic legislation, ingredients, labeling and marketing

Anne-Dorte Mathiesen

President of the Danish Beauty Award. Educated Master of Food Science and journalist. Many years of experience in the cosmetic industry. In-depth knowledge of ingredients and legislation for cosmetics.

Photo: Signe Mørkeberg Sjøstrøm