Panel of judges 2014

The jury in 2014 consists of 12 beauty persons and as a new thing a 'blogger consortium'. All members of the jury have their own approach and specific competences which come into force when they review all the enrolled beauty products. Competences could be expert knowledge about ingredients, design, functionality, branding, professional use or the primetime segment.

All members of the panel test all products which are registered for the competition. They test the products individually and during judge meetings they find five nominees in each category. Just like it was an Academy Award the jury find the winners and present them at the grand award celebration in April.

The judges occasionally use what we call shadow testers where they ask other experts to test the products. Members of the jury have a lot of funny stories about how an entire dinner party can be made ​​into a scent test, where all men and women fragrances are blindtested by the guests.

Eva Steensig

Sociologist and founder of Lighthouse CPH A/S, strategist with experience in advertising and TV. Expert in consumer behavior and advisor in relation to future consumer needs and demands.

Mette Thorsgaard

Hair Stylists and Makeup Artist. Mette has worked in the beauty industry since she was 15 - now as a freelancer. Mette has had jobs for major Danish brands, Danish magazines and she has done ​​numerous shows. Mette has been the Hair Stylist of the Year both in 2012 and 2013.

Jørgen Esmann

Dermatologist with extensive knowledge on skin functionality and treatment of the skin. Experience with treating age-related changes in the skin.

Helle Husted

Purchasing manager in Matas. Has many years of purchasing experience from retail business and trade experience from pharmacy and beauty business.

Pernille Aalund

Director of innovation for Aller , TV host, lecturer and author. Founder of Magasinet Q and

Christian Stadil

Chairman and co-owner of Hummel. Author, critic, lecturer and branding guru.

Mette Bundgaard

Beauty editor for Liv (Benjamin). Trained cosmetologist and makeup artist. Has made hundreds of fashion and advertising campaigns.

Anne Pedersen

Beauty Editor of the magazine ELLE (Aller). Former model - 11 years abroad. Skilled hair and makeup artist. Has worked as a freelancer, but have been the last almost 5 years at ELLE. Anne P. has also been a host at TV3.

Nina H. Kluge

Owner and editor of Fagbladet Kosmetik. Broad knowledge of the industry, its products, trends and tendencies.

Katja Maria Salomonsen

Journalist at BT. For many years Katja has been BT’s regular writer on fashion and beauty issues.

Bo Pedersen

Responsible for beauty in Salling. Trade with beauty products is Bo’s specialty. He is a merchant to the fingertips. He needs to know the consumers and the latest trends to buy the right items to the beauty shelves in the department stores.

The Danish beautybloggers Pudderdå, and

share a place in the panel. They are among the most read blogs in Denmark. Individually and together they have a huge knowledge of beauty products to be shared out when the new products are to be tested. Behind the blogs we have Katja Moikjær, Helene Randløv, Lise Grosmann and Johanne Danshøj.

Anne-Dorte Mathiesen

President of Danish Beauty Award. Student at Danish School of Media & Journalism. Educated in food science. Many years of experience in the cosmetics area. In-depth knowledge of ingredients and cosmetic legislation.