The hair care product of the year includes all hair care products (both for women and men) except hair styling products. The products are evaluated based on their composition, efficiency, scent and texture to the hair. If it meets the claims eg. emollient effect, shine, volume, color and hair type? The quality, idea and innovation of the product are assessed. The category is divided into two prices: Popular and luxury, where popular are easily accessible products often from supermarket or pharmacy, while luxury is selective in its distribution, but can be found both in retail and professionally in salons.

The hairstyling product of the year (both for women and men) is evaluated based on composition, efficiency, impact on hair appearance, durability, scent and texture. Does the product keep the promises when it comes to shine, volume, hold and flexibility etc.? The quality, idea and innovation of the product are assessed. This category is divided into two prices: Popular, which are easily available products from the mass market, and luxury that are styling products used and sold professionally, but also luxury products from retail.
Durability, lightness, skin feel, color and texture are parameters that are of great importance in the assessment of the Makeup Product of the Year. Emphasis is placed on innovation, packaging and usability. Products and looks can be submitted. The category includes products such as concealer, powder, primer and foundation, but also the decorative makeup such as lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, mascara etc. An important consideration when placing in the category is whether the product is makeup or skincare – or both. There are winners among products in the Popular and Luxury categories. Products sold and used at clinics, salons and spas will be included in Luxury.
The Body Care Product is evaluated based on composition, skin feel, sensory impressions and innovation. Does the product meet promises and effectiveness? Is it a delicious product in terms of fragrance and texture? This category also includes nail care, hand care and feet care products. Cleansing products have their own category, so it is possible to distinguish whether the primary function is care or cleansing. Two statuettes are gven: one for Popular and one for Luxury, and professional products will, as a starting point, fall under Luxury.
The Face Care Product is divided into three categories. Face Care winners are found among products in the Popular, Luxury Detail and a separate category for Professional. When evaluating facial care products, ingredients, effectiveness according to promises, skin feel, texture, scent, target audience and functionality will be evaluated. Innovation is also a part of the overall assessment. The category of Face Care also includes masks if their primarily function is care properties.
Serum of the year is a new category in 2021 and judges will assess several parameters. For example moisture boost, extra care with oils, vitamins or strenthening of the skin's microbiome. The judges will look at active ingredients targeting skin challenges such as pigment changes, acne or wrinkles, and it will be assessed how the interaction with other care products is. Serum can be for face and/or body. Other product terms can be "concentrate" or "essence".
A product used to cleanse the face and / or body. These are cleansing lotions, scrub creams, masks, skintonics, soaps for face and body. Here, all beauty products where skin cleansing is the primary function are included. Products – eg masks – with nurturing function will be in the category of facial / body care but may well be included in both categories. Efficiency, results, convenience, scent and consistency are some of the parameters that will be looked at. The category includes cleansing products from both popular and luxury – retail and professional.
The Hygiene Award is a new category in 2021. This is not exclusively a product which is marketed in accordance with cosmetics legislation, but it can include for example, hand disinfection, which is to be regarded as biocide or medical equipment. Product types such as deodorant, soap, intimate care and oral hygiene products can also be assessed in this category. The products are assessed on the choice of ingredients and claims, innovation and the actual usability of the product, where the packaging is also part of the evaluation. Companies that have made special hygiene measures in 2020 can also be taken into account.
The category includes all men’s products except scents and hair products – for example, facial care, body care, shaving products and men’s makeup. The product must be targeted to specific masculine needs. Innovation and functionality will be included in the assessment.
We award both Women's Fragrance of the Year and Men's Fragrance of the Year. Unisex fragrances can be in both categories. Primarily the scent is judged. But also composition, harmony, innovation, target group appeal and the experience of the bottle and packaging are taken into account in the overall assessment. Every year, many fragrances are sent to the market, but what has the potential to become a favorite fragrance for men and / or women? Which one is extra noticed?

It is the scent that counts. Among other things, consideration is given to composition, harmony, innovation, target appeal and experience of packaging in the overall assessment. The niche fragrance is special and not immediately a commercial scent. The scent may be specific to women or men, but also unisex.

The niche award is given to a niche product or niche brand. A niche product is typically a product that meets a very specific need. A niche product can also be called a “specialty product”. It’s new, innovative and probably a little different from the products we usually encounter. It may be a limited portion of consumers who need this product, but it may still be widely distributed. A niche brand is a brand that is distributed through a very narrow reseller network. It can be a brand that the consumer almost has to search for. The products themselves under this brand may be products that meet common needs and need not be specialty products. History, idea, concept and innovation are important in this category.
Technology must be at the forefront. This award will be a recognition of the launch of a product that represents unique innovation. Products submitted to this category must represent a technological innovation at the ingredient or production level that will impact on beauty products of the future. Particular innovation in the combination of product and packaging may also be considered.
In this category we award a brand’s entry into the Danish market in 2020. The New Brand of the Year must have good values. It must be a brand that has come to stay. There must be joy among beauty enthusiasts that this particular brand is now being sold in Denmark. The category also accepts the launch of brands that were officially launched in Denmark during the year which are now ‘branded’ through a designated distributor that makes the brand widely available. There may be gray zones just around the turn of the year for the launch date of the press, retail and consumers respectively.
A Danish product developed and / or produced in Denmark is given a statuette in this category. The product can be specially adapted to Danish conditions, Danish consumers or developed by innovative and creative Danes. It may well have been produced abroad, but in that case the recipe must have been developed in Denmark.
This category is new in 2021 and appreciates the Danish beauty industry, which is undergoing rapid development. An evolving industry both nationally and internationally - that is adaptable and thoughtful. The Danish companies are frontrunners in the green area and are eminent for creating products that take special considerations. The award can be given to a Danish product series, a Danish brand, a Danish production company, a Danish distributor or a person from the Danish beauty industry.
This prize is for a product, brand or company that is in the “green category”. There must be strong reasons and argumentation to follow the product, so judges can evaluate how the product contributes to a more sustainable life. In this category, we could find a natural product, an organic product or for example a product, brand or company that takes special consideration of packaging, climate or the environment in other ways.

The award is given to a product that has a protective effect or takes special care, eg protects against pollution or blue light. It can be products for both face or body. The category includes products that are particularly considerate in relation to children or people who do not tolerate specific ingredients such as perfume. This category will therefore include both unscented products, allergy-labeled products and products for children.
The award is given to a product that takes special care in terms of protecting against the sun's UV rays. The sun protection products must follow the EU Commission's recommendation regarding UVA and UVB. The panel has focus on several parameters such as choice of ingredients, innovation, effect, fragrance, consistency, usability and packaging.
An award given to a new line or series of products. It can for example. be a facial care series that includes both cleansing and face care, a line of body care products for a specific skin type, or e.g. a hair care or fragrance series. The series may well have been marketed by an existing brand. If you want one or more of the products evaluated individually in other categories, then the individual product must be entered into the category(s) or the judging panel will only evaluate the series as a whole. The series is considered “one product”. Judges only need to receive the product once. It is okay to select products that represent the series. The judges must receive at least two products from the series in order to evaluate it.

An award for the best beauty treatment of the year must go to a treatment performed at a clinic, spa or salon, which provides an exceptionally good treatment of hair, face or body with basic or high-tech products from the industry. The treatment must be professional and fulfill a special need that is modern and trendsetting. Not all judges will try the enrolled treatments, but 3-5 judges will initially assess and share reviews with the rest of the panel. If the treatment comes among the 5 nominees, more judges from the panel will test the treatment.
Salon / Clinic / Shop / Spa of the Year must have had a particular success in marketing, selling and using beauty products in 2019. It can be a shop, a supermarket, a pharmacy, a department store or for example a beauty clinic, spa or dermatological clinic – no boundaries are set as long as it is a treatment space and / or point of sale of legal cosmetic products. Suppliers may sign up for the place, but stores, salons and clinics can also sign up for the competition themselves. Remember to describe special conditions that characterize the place and what makes this an extraordinary Salon / Shop / Clinic / Spa. Photos must be sent. Not all judges will visit the registered sites, but 3-5 judges will evaluate and share reviews with the rest of the panel. If the place is among the 5 nominees, more judges from the jury will visit.
This is NOT a cosmetic product, but a product related to cosmetics. It is a product used with cosmetics for example a popular hair tool or electrical apparatus, but it can also be a makeup bag. To win this award in 2021, the product must be launched on the Danish market in 2020.

The Classic is not a launch in 2020, but a product that has had a fixed place on the shelves for several years. It was innovation once and the concept still has to be attractive. It is considered whether the product is still a bestseller, but judges also looks at the composition, efficiency, fragrance, consistency and whether the product meets the promises behind. Suppliers are very welcome to submit product proposals, but the judging panel will also find products that can receive the award as the Classic of the Year. There will not be 5 nominees in this category, but the winner will be revealed at the Danish Beauty Award 2021. There is no entry fee for proposals for the Classic of the Year.
The award is given to a person who is passionate about the world of beauty and cosmetics and who makes an extra effort in or for the industry in Denmark or abroad. Suggestions are welcome for this category. There is no registration fee.
This award will be given to a product that is considered something special by a number of Danish beauty influencers. The judges will find the nominees and then ask the suppliers to send the product to the group of selected influencers (5-8 additional products). Influencers will point out a winner of the Influencers’ Choice Award. By choosing the category Influencers’ Choice Award upon registration it is announced that you would like to contribute with products to the Influencer panel.
The consumer prize will be found by voting among consumers online and / or via sms in collaboration with Matas. The judging panel & Matas will select the nominees to be published so that the winner can be found by voting among consumers. The product must be sold in Matas shops or on When choosing to participate in the category Consumer Prize of the Year when registering, it is also announced that you would like to participate with products for the consumer competition (5 products). 5 consumers who voted will win the nominees in the category.
The award is given to a GOODIEBOX product, which is nominated by GOODIEBOX's subscribers in a special edition Danish Beauty Award GOODIEBOX with 5-6 products. The product must be a cosmetic product - it can be skin care, makeup, for the hair or something else under the definition of cosmetics, but can also be a beauty accessory. The special edition GOODIEBOX will be sent out to all subscribers in the spring of 2021. The requirement to participate is that you are selected by GOODIEBOX and deliver products to the box, so that a winner can be found by all GOODIEBOX's subscribers. See last year's DBA box at under previous boxes. Contact GOODIEBOX to be considered at +45 31 32 17 38.
The award is for an Inner Beauty product that makes you more beautiful and healthier from the inside. The category includes dietary supplements, superfoods, probiotics, etc. that may affect hair, nails and skin health and radiance. The products in this category must have been available on the Danish market in 2020, but are not necessarily launched in 2020. The winning products from the Danish Beauty Award 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 cannot participate again.
Supplements are considered food and regulated in relation to food law. There are special rules applicable to supplements in the Dietary Supplements Directive (2002/46) and the National Executive Order on Supplements (No 39 of 12/01/2016). In the case of claims, the products must comply with the applicable rules described in the Claims Regulation (1924/2006) and the approved claims described in the EFSA’s EU Register on nutrition and health claims. The judges panel reserves the right to request further information and documentation.