The Hair Care Product of the Year includes all hair care (both men and women) but excludes products for hair styling. Products are assessed based on their composition, effectiveness, impact on the hairs appearance, scent and texture. Does the product live up to its claimed promises in terms of characteristics such as softening effect, shine, volume, colour and hair type? The product’s quality, concept and innovation are also assessed. The category is divided into two awards: An award for best product sold in retail shops and an award
for best professional product. The latter includes both products for use in the salon, and products that are sold out of the salon.
Hair Styling product of the Year (for both men and women) is assessed based on its composition, effectiveness, impact on the hairs appearance, durability, scent and texture. Does the product give shine, volume, hold and flexibility? Quality of the product, concept and innovation are also assessed. A prize is given for best retail product and one for best professional product.
The Body Care Product of the Year is assessed based on its composition, skin feel, sensory impressions, inventiveness and innovation. Does the product live up to its promises regarding skin type and efficiency? Is it a nice product in terms of fragrance and texture? This category also includes sun products for the body, bath and shower products (including scrubs) and products for the care of hands, feet and nails. Awards are given to products in the two categories Luxury Retail & Professional and Popular.
When products for the face are assessed, the judges will look at ingredients, its effect compared to the claims, skin feel, texture, fragrance, target group and functionality. Parameters such as inventiveness and innovation are also part of the overall assessment. In the category of Skin Care Product of the Year are included cleaning products (including scrubs and masks) and sun products for the face. There are winners among skincare products in the categories of Luxury Retail, Luxury Professional and Popular.
Durability, lightness, skin feel, color and texture are parameters that are important in the evaluation of the Makeup product of the year. Emphasis is also placed on innovation, packaging and usability. In this category both products and looks may be submitted. The category includes products such as concealers, powders, primers and foundations but also decorative cosmetics such as lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, mascara, etc. An important consideration for positioning products in this category is whether the products are primarily
makeup or skincare – or maybe even both. Winning products will be found in the categories Luxury and Popular. Products used and sold in Clinics / Salons / Spas, are be included in the Luxury category.
The category includes all products for men except fragrances and hair products – e.g. face care, body care, shaving products and makeup for men. The product must target specific masculine needs. Innovation and functionality will be looked at during the evaluation.
It is primarily the scent that is being evaluated. Composition, harmony, innovation, audience appeal and the impression of the bottle and packaging will also be assessed. Does it smell like a delicious man should smell?
It is primarily the scent that is being evaluated. The assessment will a.o. take into account composition, harmony, innovation, audience appeal and the impression of the bottle and packaging. Is it the scent of a winner?
This award is given to a new line or series of products. It can, for example be a facial care line that includes both cleansing and skincare, a line of body care products for a particular skin type or for instance a hair care or fragrance series. The series can be marketed in an existing brand. If one or more of the products are to be reviewed on its own merits in other categories, each product shall be registered in these categories. Otherwise the jury will solely evaluate the series as a whole. Series are considered as "one product". Individual registration of products from a series is considered as a new product with its own enrollment fee. The judges, however, may receive the product only once.
In this category, technology is paramount. This award will recognize unique innovation in a newly launched product. Products submitted for this category will present a technological innovation at ingredient or production level that will have implications for future beauty products. Particular innovation in the combination of product and packaging may also be considered.
The Classic of the Year is not a launch in 2014, but a product that for years has had - and still has - a solid place on the shelves. Once it represented novelty and innovation and the concept still holds today. The Jury will look at whether the product is still a bestseller, but will also look at composition, efficacy, flavour, texture and whether the product lives up to its promises. Suppliers are welcome to submit product suggestions, but the Judges panel will also find products themselves that could receive the award of the Classic of the Year. There will not be 5 nominees in this category but the winner will be revealed at the Danish Beauty Award 2015. No enrollment fee will be required for the category Classic of the Year.
The New Brand of the Year is an open category for products or product groups that entered into the Danish market in 2014. The New Brand of the Year must make the judges say "Cool!" and appreciate that this particular brand is available in Denmark. It's a whole picture, as assessed by keywords such as creativity and raison d’être.
The Niche Product of the Year award is given to a niche product or a niche brand. A niche product is typically a product that meets a very specific need. A niche product can also be called a "special product". It's new, innovative and probably a little different than the products we usually meet. It may be a limited proportion of consumers who need this product, but may nevertheless be widely distributed. A niche brand is a brand that is distributed in a very narrow distribution network. It can be a brand that consumers almost have to search for. Actual products under this brand can be products that meet common needs and need not be special products. Story, concept and innovation are weighted heavily in this category. Products that are only sold via the Internet will be included in this category.
The Green Product of the Year is awarded to a product which is in the "green category." This puts extra requirements on the claims basis that must accompany the product. This category includes natural and organic products or a product that takes the environment and climate into special consideration.
The Danish Product of the Year is awarded to a product developed and / or produced in Denmark. The product may be particularly adapted to the Danish market, Danish consumers or developed by innovative and creative Danes. It may be produced abroad, but the recipe must have been developed in Denmark. The product must have been launched in the Danish market in 2014.
Shops, clinics and salons that have been particularly successful in marketing, selling and using beauty products can be nominated in this category. They may be stores, supermarket chains, pharmacies, department stores or even beauty clinics, spas and dermatology clinics – there are no limits as long as they are treatment places and / or outlets of legitimate cosmetic products. Suppliers are allowed to enroll the place, but shops, salons and clinics can also sign up for the competition. Remember to describe specific features that characterizes the place and which shows that it is an extraordinary Salon / Shop / Clinic / Spa. Photos shall be submitted.
The award for the year's best beauty treatment must go to a clinic, spa or salon that provides an extraordinarily good care of the hair, the face or the body with basic or high-tech products from the cosmetics industry. Treatment must be professional and complete a special need that is both modern and trendsetting.
A beauty product or beauty accessory that has been extremely popular in 2014. It may be a product that has been on the top 10 of the top selling products in a specific period in 2014. Some products may be bestsellers in their own more specific category - eg. among mascaras in the market in Denmark. A bestseller must have sold an extraordinarily large number of units in its category. You need to come up with arguments for and descriptions of why the product can be considered as the Bestseller of the Year. The product is not necessarily launched in 2014, but has become a bestseller in 2014.
A launch, campaign or event that has been this year’s 'talk of town'. A launch that customers would not have been able to overlook or an event that has been a great success for both supplier and customers. Documentation must be submitted to describe the success. Where did it take place and what did the launch or event generate?
This is NOT a cosmetic product, but a product related to cosmetics. It is a product that is used with cosmetics, for example, a popular brush or an electrical device, but it can also be a makeup pouch or a hair elastics. In this category the product does not have to be launched in 2014, as it is a brand new category and all beauty accessories must be able to be enrolled to the competition.
Hairdresser of the Year is a person who has made a special effort during the year in his work with hair. This is a hairdresser or a hair stylist who has special abilities that deserves to be celebrated. The award is given in cooperation with dofk (Danish organization for independent hairdressers and cosmeticians). To participate, the following must be met:
- You need to be a hairdresser at a salon that is a member of dofk. We need your name and
the salon's name registered
- You must have completed a 4 year education as hairdresser or have an ordinary 4 year training contract
- To participate, you must upload 3 hairstyle pictures via registration on the website
- The 3 photos should show a trendy hairstyle - commercial, consumer-friendly hair or a ne trendy idea. Photos should show color and creativity. One of the three photographs must show the total look with hair, makeup and the model’s attitude
- You must add a description of your work (basis, technique, method) and an argument for why it is a look created by a winner
- Danish Beauty Awards judging panel will select five nominees, which will then be subject to a vote on Facebook and Instagram
- Danish Beauty Award and dofk may freely use the photos which are uploaded, and it must be agreed with the photographer
- Several people can work on the look, but only one hairdresser can be responsible for submission
- The deadline for udpload of photos and entry via the registration site is 14 January 2015
- There is an entry fee for the Danish Beauty Award at DKK 1.500
This prize will be given to a product which is considered as something special within a group of important lifestyle and beauty bloggers in Denmark. The panel of judges will select products from all the registered products. Suppliers will then have to send the product to the group of selected bloggers (8-10 products). Bloggers will select a winner in the category Blogger's Choice Award. At registration it must be indicate whether the supplier wishes to participate in this competition.
The Consumer Prize of the Year is awarded by consumers by means of a voting procedure taking place on the internet and via SMS. The judges will select a number of products from the submissions to be included in the vote on the Consumer Prize – more detailed information will follow.
The award is given to a person who is passionate about beauty and cosmetics and is making an extra effort in or for the industry. No sign ups but only proposals received for this category.