Movemen Studios – Equality – [un] broken

[un]broken „a spicy yet cleansing ritual, embracing dried herbs and smoky wood. Embark on a transformational journey through the depths of your being, connecting to the vulnerable parts of yourself and unleashing the liberating powers of communication. [un]broken is an invitation to go within and connect to all parts of yourself. An olfactory appeal that encourages you to create an invisible yet powerful space inside you where you find shelter and leave behind the fears of imperfection. [un]broken to become a cleansing ritual itself. Top Thyme, Pinke Pepper, Blue Chamomile Heart Palo Santo, Incense, Myrrh Base Vetiver, Sandalwood, Immortelle close your eyes, smell and imagine a world welcoming everyone. #equalityfragrance #equality #unbroken @equality.fragrances @movementstudiosdk