Registration of products

All cosmetic products that are legally marketed and launched in 2016 in the Danish market, can be registered for the Danish Beauty Award 2017. Also beauty places and treatments must be enrolled at this page.

All new launches, “line extensions” and relaunches that can be considered and assessed in line with the new launches, can be enrolled. You have to fill in one entry per product, person, place or treatment. You can register a product in all the categories where it naturally belongs. The product should only be sent once to the judges, even if it is registered in several categories. Consider the relevant categories and justify with arguments for each category. Write a short and precise reason why the registered is a winner in the selected categories – type it in the same field in the online formular with the category as a heading.

The fee for registration of a product is DKK 1,500 ex. VAT – regardless of the number of categories in which the product is registered. Registered products must be forwarded to the members of the jury along with the id number received after registration. There is no fee for Classic of the Year or suggestions for Fiery Soul of the Year.

You will receive a confirmation of registration as an email. The invoice will also be sent seperately as an email. Registration must take place no later than 13 January 2017 and the 13 judges must have received products before 17 January 2017.

Please remember to inform us of the PO number in connection with the registration, if required by your company. This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: